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    Which application should I choose?


    Graduate School Application
    To enroll in a degree or certificate program for the associated entry terms.
    Summer 2024Graduate School Application
    (Summer 2024)
    Fall 2024 - Spring/Summer/Fall  2025Graduate School Application


    Non Degree Application
    To take classes for personal enrichment or as a prerequisite.
    NondegreeFor applicants who have already earned a bachelor's degree.
    UGFor applicants still in high school or with some college credits. You do not have a bachelor's degree. 
    OAICUFor cross-registration students from other Oregon private colleges.
    ROTCArmy or Air Force ROTC
    Shiley On-RampFor incoming students who are participating in the Shiley On-Ramp Program.


    Returning users:

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    First-time users:

    To apply for a degree or certificate program, please select the "Graduate School Application".  If you wish to take classes for personal enrichment or as prerequisites, please select the "Non Degree Application" with the corresponding entry term.

    Future entry terms are included in the respective applications listed below:
    Graduate School Application (Summer 2024): Summer 2024
    Graduate School Application: Fall 2024, Spring 2025, Summer 2025, Fall 2025

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